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honor phone codes

Honor has had a great 2017 so far, with its mid-range  Honor 8 Pro and Honor 9  phones finally taking the brand out of parent company Huawei’s shadow.  The Honor 6A is Honor’s attempt to repeat its success in the affordable, sub-£160 market currently dominated by the  Moto G5 .

The design isn’t going to excite anyone. It’s a metal slab with rounded sides and a grey/black colour scheme. There’s an Honor logo below the 5-inch screen and a fairly thin bezel around it. The end result is an inoffensive, but dull, looking phone. There’s also no fingerprint scanner, even though the same model in China has one, which is a little annoying, but forgivable given the phone’s price.

The screen uses a 5-inch LCD IPS panel that offers surprisingly decent colour reproduction. It’s noticeably better than the terrible screen on the Nokia 3 , and being IPS it has decent viewing angles. The  720p resolution isn’t the sharpest, but at this price it’s fine and more than usable.

Honor’s software is pretty much the same as Huawei’s. In previous years this would be a negative, but I quite like EMUI 5.1 and a lot of its biggest features make sense for a phone like this. There’s a new file system that Huawei claims will keep the phone running faster for longer, and considering there’s a low-end Snapdragon 430 CPU and just 2GB RAM onboard that should be good news.

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