Honor view 10 camera aperture

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honor view 10 camera aperture

Traditionally, still and motion photography have relied on firm, stable mountings for a jitter-free image. Great effort is spent to obtain a perfectly stable image. [8] However, experiments with hand-held camera began as early as 1925 with Ewald André Dupont 's Varieté and Abel Gance 's Napoléon . [4]

The 1993’s police drama NYPD Blue is recognized by many [ who? ] as the first television show to use shaky and swooping shots for most of its camera work. In 1994, the TV series ER employed shaky camera techniques, as did the 1996 disaster film Twister . [12] Danish director Lars von Trier used shaky camera, called 'free camera', in his movies. The Dogme 95 movement he co-created in 1995 was partly based on the technique. [4] Trier's 2000 film Dancer in the Dark was criticized for having too much shaky camera motion. [4]

The films Friday Night Lights (2004), [14] Cloverfield (2008) [7] and American Honey (2016) have been described as making viewers nauseated or sick.

BEIJING , Dec. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- HONOR, a leading smartphone e-brand, today officially launched in the China market its latest flagship phone – the HONOR View20, packed with sophisticated features consumers have come to expect from a flagship phone, with outstanding technical features and performance matched with unsurpassed design and style. HONOR View20 will be available with the price starting from RMB 2,999 . The official sale in China will start from December 28 .

The HONOR View20 is equipped with the world's first rear 48MP and 3D camera system and a front-facing 25MP camera integrated into the display. This innovative All-View display design doesn't impact the display function – instead, it allows a notch-less viewing experience, achieves a stunning 91.8% body-to-screen ratio, and enables users to take the best photos possible, all at the same time.

From a design perspective, HONOR View20 breaks the mold of traditional flagship smartphones in both dimension and style. It is the first smartphone to use advanced nanolithography technology to develop an invisible nano texture on the body. The fourth generation of nano-vacuum coating and invisible aurora texture process create a vivid and dynamic V-shape color gradient with gleaming effect. Furthermore, HONOR has unveiled a crossover collaboration with Italian fashion brand MOSCHINO and launched the HONOR View20 MOSCHINO joint design edition.

Another rear camera is a TOF 3D camera, which makes the phone capable of creating a new dimension in photography and videography that brings greater usability and fun to users. It can calculate distance based upon the time-of-flight of a light signal, and has functions including depth sensing, skeletal tracking and real-time motion capture .

Phones are boring, nasty things. They all look the same and they’re often so expensive they seem determined to make sure you can never have a holiday again. And when you think about it, they’ll all let you WhatsApp your mum and play that inane casual game as well as each other.

Honor’s other eye-catching part, the finish on the back, is more conventional. It’s just turned up to 11. A lot of glass backed phones now have a light reactive layer. But where many use a subtle “s” swirl, the equivalent of a name of a perfume whispered at the end of a TV advert, the Honor View 20’s is more a sequin-shirt-leather-trousers-jazz-hands affair.

This finish will react to a tea light candle at 50 paces, casting loads of bright blue arrows down its back. The blue also fades to near-black at the edges, an attempt to make virtually no square inch of the View 20’s back look the same as another. It’s bold, about as bold as phones come.

Take away that phone glitter and the View 20 starts to look a little like a OnePlus 6T. They’re roughly the same price, the same size. Both are metal and glass. Their side features are different, though.

Adding Lite to the name of a phone used to instantly drop its desirability by about 90-percent. Lite was synonymous with a device being all show and no substance. Being given an Honor 10 Lite on a recent trip to China gave us that slight sinking feeling, as we prepared to use a phone that may frustrate more than it delighted.

We were wrong. The Honor 10 Lite actually did the opposite, and impressed us over the course of a few days, during which it was our main device. We’re not really that surprised at the Honor 10 Lite’s ability, as the Honor 9 Lite was also a highly capable phone. The sequel goes one step further in design.

Here’s our impressions of the phone, which is not getting the full review treatment as it’s not available to buy in the U.S., and is still waiting for its U.K. and European launch at the time of writing.

It’s a little beauty. The body is plastic, unlike the glass Honor 10 , and our version in the pictures is the one to buy. The color scheme is sky blue, and it fades from a deep blue at the bottom of the device to a chrome-like silver at the top. We saw and loved the same look on the Honor Magic 2 , and are happy to see it replicated here so effectively. It also comes in black and red.

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